let's not think about it.
Sabtu, 19 Julai 2014 @ 6:47 PTG
This is really weird feeling. My Exo and infinite feeling are really different. Oh no i have bumped to Infinite omo! hargh where is my love to exo?! Wae i being like this? dishonest to exo and exostan? oh mianhe exostan, exo, suho, do, baekhun, sehun, luhan, xiumin, lay, chen, tao and especially to chanyeol huhuhu. Is it b'cuz exo has many rumors i've left them? argh i dont know but now i really have inspirit feeling in my heart now. Everyday i think abaout infinite, everyday i hear their song, everyday their move body are inside my mind, everyday i watch their MV and everyday i download their pictures. Its too obvious that i really in love with them. Its start when their comeback stage with 'Last Romeo', then I have a blogger friends who also in love with infinite, her blog make me interest with infinite. Last week she updated that woohyun and sungyeol will acting a drama High School - Love On. When I watch the teaser it makes me more interest with infinite and on saturday i watch the drama. Argh it is more than interest with them I really fall in love. I reply the drama when i was boring. I watch infinite variety show 'This is Infinite' and i laugh non stop when watch them play around. Now they comeback with new song album 'Be Back' its really make me crazy. Can you save can you save me from infinite love, dorawajo I want you back back back back back back back back back back exo. 
Waiting for their mv

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